As a beautiful blanket of fluffy white snow covers Seven Lakes Monday afternoon, weather perfect for sledding is interrupting and delaying business around town and around the county.

The start of the Seven Lakes West Landowners Association [SLWLA] Work Session scheduled for 9:00 am on Tuesday has been delayed until 11:00 am, according to Community Manager Joan Frost. Any decision about further delay or postponement will be made Tuesday Morning, Frost told The Times

The Seven Lakes Landowners Association [SLLA] Board of Directors braved an inch or two of the white stuff to complete their scheduled Work Session this morning. But the SLLA Office closed early, at 2:00 pm, and plans for opening on Tuesday are up in the air. Residents are encouraged to call 673-4931 before coming to the office to conduct business on Tuesday, to make sure it is open.

Moore County Schools [MCS] were closed today, and tonight's Board of Education meeting has been postponed. A make-up day has not yet been scheduled for the Board meeting.

Tim Lussier, MCS Advisor for Community Relations, told The Times that MCS will use Saturday, January 15 as a make up day for the missed day of school, in order to avoid cutting into the five-day Spring Break scheduled for the last week in March. If wintry weather closes school on Tuesday, as well, a second Saturday session or a shorter Spring Break, could be possible. Updates are available on the MCS website.

Moore County's Administrative and other offices were also closed on Monday, with Tuesday's status uncertain as of mid-afternoon Monday. Updates are available on the county website.

Foxfire LogoWith a limited agenda and only three councilmen present, Mayor Pro Tem Ed Lauer presided over a short meeting of the Foxfire Village Council on Tuesday, December 14.

Taking another step towards completing the Woodland Circle Extension project, the Council unanimously approved a resolution to assess 100 percent of the cost of the improvement to the fourteen affected property owners.

Prior to the project’s commencement, ten of the fourteen owners, representing 67 percent of the linear frontage of the proposed road, signed a petition approving construction. Assessed property owners may elect to pay in full without interest within thirty days of notification, or over a five year period at a five percent rate of interest.

A Public Hearing on the Woodland Circle Extension will be held Thursday, January 13 at 7:00 pm in the Village Hall.

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SLWLA LogoA major culvert replacement project on Longleaf Drive scheduled for the first week of January will effectively cut the community in half – with one side restricted to entering and exiting at the Seven Lakes West front gate, and the other side restricted to the back gate.

Barricades will be located at the culvert between Vanore Road and Wagoner Court. Work is anticipated to commence on Monday, January 3, and conclude on Friday, January 7.

A temporary guardhouse will be installed at the back gate and guards will be checking with vendors at the gates to determine if they need to be redirected to the other gate to reach their destination.


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SLWLA LogoAccelerating debt service to pay down the Westside Park Community Center mortgage over the next five years could provide up to $100,000 in overall savings to the Seven Lakes West Landowners Association [SLWLA].

In his first official appearance as a member of the Board of Directors, newly appointed Treasurer Don Freiert presented this recommendation, along with a summary of the proposed 2011-2012 Fiscal Year Budget, during the SLWLA Work Session on Tuesday, December 14.

Freiert explained that increasing debt service payments by $47,000 each year, funded by a decrease of $52,000 in allocations to the capital reserve, would allow the Association to pay off the mortgage by mid-2016. Freiert recommended no change to the auto loan the Association carries on the community pickup truck, at a $5,000 annual cost.

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SLLA Logo“Time is ticking . . . . and this needs to be resolved with the two current sitting boards.”

Frustrated at the slow pace of progress toward implementing the three and a half-year old agreement between Seven Lakes Landowners Association [SLLA] and Seven Lakes Country Club [SLCC] over the “old driving range” property, SLLA President Randy Zielsdorf offered a brief update at the Wednesday, December 15 Open Meeting.

“I’ve asked three times for the tentative draft on the easement and covenants,” Zielsdorf reported. “I was told there was one change to the easement that our attorney said would be no problem — that it had no impact on our objective. There have been minor changes to the covenants [drafted by the Club]; and I’ve asked for copies to pass out to our Board, but those have not been received.”


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At least six candidates will compete for four open seats on the Seven Lakes Landowners Association [SLLA] Board of Directors, and Seven Lakes West Landowners Association [SLWLA] Directors approved on Tuesday a slate of four candidates for three open seats candidates on the Westside Board.

The opportunity remains on both sides of town for additional candidates to enter the race by submitting petitions representing a sufficient number of lots — approximately 50 petitions for either Association.

Both Associations hold their Annual Meetings and elect new Directors in March. The Times will profile and interview the candidates on both sides of town in upcoming editions.


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SLWLA LogoWestsiders have voted by a margin of more than seven to one to support a decision by the Seven Lakes West Landowners Association [SLWLA] Board of Directors to permanently close the road over Lake Auman Dam to vehicular traffic. When the final tally was taken at a Tuesday, December 15 Special Meeting of the membership, there were 473.5 votes in favor of supporting the Board's decision, 65 against, and 10 abstaining or expressing no preference.

[It is possible to have a half-vote because each of the owners of a lot shared for septic field purposes pays half dues and receives a half vote.]

The meeting attracted approximately two hundred members, but the real story was the number of proxies held by SLWLA President Ron Shepard. Proxies are legal documents that allow a member to assign his or her vote to someone else. The Westside Board, after turning the administration of the Special Meeting over to their outside legal counsel, engaged in an aggressive campaign to persuade members to assign their votes to Shepard, using email, the Association website, and the landowners office staff to collect proxies.

As a result, Shepard walked into Tuesday's meeting with 418.5 votes sewn up -- more than three-quarters of the votes ultimately cast. In fact, the meeting was able to proceed only because the Board decided to include Shepard's proxies in the quorum count. Without them, the official headcount at the meeting for determining a quorum would have been only the 120 members who showed up without already having assigned a proxy -- a total more than fifty short of a quorum.

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A SLWLA Logosizable crowd is expected at Westside Park Community Center tonight for what is shaping up to be a showdown vote between those who support the decision by the Seven Lakes West Landowners Association [SLWLA] Board of Directors to permanently close the roadway over Lake Auman Dam, and those who support the Dam Road Group’s position that the question of whether or not to close the road should be decided by a vote of the membership.

Registration begins at 6:00 pm and closes promptly at 7:00 pm, when the meeting will be gaveled to order. For members who can't attend or don’t want to attend, but would like to vote, proxy forms are available at the office and may be pre-registered today. Each lot is entitled to a single vote and a proxy may be assigined to any other landowners qualified to vote at the meeting.


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Seven Lakes Landowners Association [SLLA] President Randy Zielsdorf has lately been the sole voice offering progress reports on the negotiations between the Association and the Seven Lakes Country Club [SLCC] over the implementation of the three-year-old “Driving Range Agreement.”

SLLA LogoRecent statements by SLCC?President Steve Ritter in a Club membership meeting had some members of both the Club and Association asking whether Zielsdorf and Ritter were on the same page regarding the negotiations.

The Times interviewed Ritter by phone on Wednesday in order to offer our readers a better understanding of the Club’s position.

The five point Driving Range Agreement was signed after controversy erupted when the community learned the Club was interested in selling the old driving range, which lies between Seven Lakes Drive and Devonshire Avenue, to a residential developer.

But the recent talks have been more cooperative than controversial, Ritter told The Times.

“I?believe what is good for the Club is good for the community, and what is good for the community is good for the Club,” Ritter told The Times, adding that he and Zielsdorf have developed a cordial, productive working relationship.

Ritter admitted, however, that the process of implementing the three-year-old agreement has taken far longer than some might have liked.

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Members of the Seven Lakes West Landowners Association [SLWLA] will gather on Wednesday, December 15, for a Special Meeting on the closing of the roadway over Lake Auman Dam.

SLWLA LogoBut exactly what will take place during the meeting — the second member-called Special Meeting in the Association’s history — remains very much an open question.

No agenda for the meeting has been published, no ballots have been issued, and the meeting’s parliamentarian is not sure what, if any, question might be put to a vote of the membership during the proceedings.

What is clear is that members who hope to vote, speak, or otherwise participate in Association business conducted during the meeting better arrive early in order to find their place in the registration line.

Community Manager Joan Frost told The Times that CAS, Inc.will pull in extra staff to handle registration for the meeting, which is scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm.

“We will begin registering landowners at 6:00 pm,” Frost said, “and we will stop the registration at 7:00 pm.”

Members will need to know their lot number, in order to place themselves in the proper registration line, Frost said. They should also bring photo identification.

Each lot is entitled to one vote at the meeting, so husbands and wives or other co-owners of property will be able to register only once.

Members holding proxies that entitle them to vote on behalf of a landowner who cannot attend the meeting may register those proxies the evening of the meeting, or may drop by the SLWLA office during regular business hours to register their proxies in advance, Frost said.

In addition to establishing that they are Association members, Frost told The Times, registrants will be asked whether they support the Board’s decision to permanently close Longleaf Drive over Lake Auman, or support the position of the Dam Road Group that the road closure should be put to a vote of the membership, or are undecided.

She explained that many members likely already have a firm position one way or the other, and knowing that up front means CAS personnel will not have to have everyone in attendance queue up again for a vote count.

Members who may have stated one preference or another will be able to change that position, if they desire, once a formal question is on the table, she added.


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